We welcome you to come and enjoy a drink or two at FLIGHT 605, Morningside's Best Little Bar

Our bar has been called lovely, intimate and eclectic. Our service friendly, delightful and fun.


We have a courtyard where you can take a seat in first class or opt for the bench


Our beers aren't mainstream, (though we do have a range of internationals) because our people have asked for NZ craft


And our wines aren't expensive as they wish to be regularly enjoyed


Functions work at Flight 605, the magic lies in the intimacy

It's a function place for people who wish to make it theirs, add their touch, their food, their music, decorations...relying us for the support and the drinks.

And it's s function space for those who wish to have it all taken care of, we cater, provide a DJ, whatever the need, Flight 605 is yours to call.